About Us

Hello and welcome to our travel blog, Postcards for Jasper. We are James and Flo, a couple in our 20s who love to see the world.

We are both working full time in London, so most of our travels have all been short/annual leave friendly trips. Though we truly do make the most of our holiday days, travelling as much as we can fit into a meagre 23 days a year. We’re constantly on the search for new places and the next adventure, and being based in the UK allows us quick access to the incredibly diverse offerings of Europe! Let’s just not mention Brexit…   

We actually started our Instagram account a while ago as a way to share our 100s of holiday pictures somewhere without annoying everyone who follows us haha. A little late it occurred to us that we have a whole load of information on all the places we’d been that might actually worth sharing too. So this blog is a way for us to document all our travels, keep our photos in one place, and maybe be helpful for anyone looking to take similar routes to us.

And this is Jasper: